Deeyah Khans film Jihad has been nominated for a prestigious British documentary award. Do I dare to show it to the class?


The plans for the new Vocational School facility on the area are very promising. If it hadn’t been for me to know so well what it means to be fooled…

-Out of the debate!

If you want something like "into school," you should get into school first. If not, it should be out of the debate.

Nude skin in the Norwegian pool

How much of the children's skin should the large society impose on children to show in the school pool to signal that we who live in Ireland are free individuals?

Everlasting AUDITION

Is it right of me to educate my students to everlasting audition? Maybe I should say, "crap in the business." The business is shitting you.

Professional ethics FOR Young People

A journalist has been disclosed as the owner of an anonymous twitterkonto, and complains into the mention of PFU. It will be exciting to see how today's press ethics harmonize…

Meaningful goals

External motivation is a good tool for you to get started. But it is the inner motivation that counts.