The NRK Super Series target group like me are probably seventh graders. But the series hit me.

Like me is about the friendship between Oda and Arin. It’s being put to the test. Arin will be joining the girlfriends of that cool Luna. But Oda isn’t welcome in the gang.

Thus we are dragged into the drama and experience what it may cost to establish new friendships. It sort of slips into the exclusion of a longtime best friend.  This is the bullying that is not very tangible, which has blurred borders and foggy consistency. No one is responsible. Everybody’s in.

Despite the fact that we had not snapchated when I went in the seventh, the series emerged that mechanisms are largely the same. Look. Comments. Status Scheme. Internal humour at someone else’s expense.

We’ll see how demanding it is to be adult and not understand what it is that takes place. An adult’s attempt to do something about it becomes clumsy and incorrect.

The series getting well ahead is how it is to be Arin. It can be tiring to be the responsible party in a friend’s relationship where the other party is she who is reckless, readily igniting and not always as socially smart.

That’s exactly what I like about the show. Although we understand that what happens to Oda is not correct, the series also opens up to understand what it’s like to be the one who fails his best friend. The more clips we get, I think it’s the Oda that is standing with the moral victory.

For It is a pain to be bullied, hurting to be trigget to have tantrums. But it’s even more painful to be the one to help it happen, and that’s too cowardly to intervene. Ultimately, there are Arin who are the culprit, which gets well in the scene when the Arins mother cannot bear to speak with her daughter because Arin admits to bullying her best friend through many years. The rejection is brutal.

Dramaturgical needs the series A villain, and this character is named Luna. It is well illustrated how Luna like class Diva orchestrates the social game around him, and maybe gets this character a little flat, she’s sort of just naughty. At the same time, we get a few small hints that everything is not just Gloria for the Luna either. For example, we will know that parents never ask for a parent call. What is that about?

I will not assert that I am as concerned with equals me as I was of shame. But there was simply madness in the period, especially after it became a collective thing, and not something I was doing for myself.

This time, I’ve cost myself with this series for myself. Since I now think it is nearing its end, I can cost on me to give it some praising word. It’s a good drama series. It is educational and thought-provoking.

So even if you do not go in seventh grade: look like me. It’s good TV drama. Also for adults.

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