Also in the private sector there is a bureaucracy that runs slowly.

As a government employee, you must never let this go in on you, if you are to keep your sanity.

We are probably many who amuse us when the humorist Atle Antone lets us get acquainted with the bureaucrat Tor Varhaug, first in the television series agency and later in the series NAV. However, in the past I have as an employee of the public sector considered whether one should return the original. At Ricky Gervais's office we get a brilliant description of bureaucratic dilldall in the private sector, where many an employee can go under the nickname Mr. Tidstyv.

Here's an anecdote: once I wanted to buy a computer program to use it in teaching context. It would take me two mouse clicks and five keystrokes to buy it with your own credit card, but then I would be about two thousand dollars poorer. And so it's not to be done. Thus, it was only to get started with the process. A private company had the mission of organizing the purchase of software in the public sector. After two months I sat again with the crappy feeling of being related to the self-Joseph K. From Frans Kafka's novel. I was determined that next time I pay off my own pocket, cost whatever it cost will, for that kind I have no time to. And yes, I got the computer program finally, as well as a certainty that I had employed Mr. Tidstyv in a private company that had some sort of agreement with the public sector to keep track of the software purchased for public funds.

It is, of course, good to keep track and employ people are in themselves a good deed. But since I'm fans of that thing going to happen relatively quickly, order and employment was not an argument of widespread interaction with Mr. Tidstyv. I'd rather pay myself, and know that I'm not the only one in the public sector that has ended up there.

Another anecdote: There's an office lady in the public somewhere that's written a 25-page long document that is only a summary of the communication she has had with the company that supplies printers and copiers. Of course, it's not good for her to drift on with it, but I don't have trouble understanding that that's where one suddenly ends. At some point, I have to teach her to breathe in, and then out. And then enter. and then out. And then she must dare to truly feel in their feelings, so as to let the angry feelings go, yes, just let the rage flow its way like leaves on a river or clouds in the sky. More it is probably not to do with the case and this is the only possible relationship to Mr. Tidstyv who is not directly harmful.

A third anecdote: a school class lacked chairs for the school start. The chairs were booked in ours but could unfortunately not be delivered until after the fall holiday. The whiteboards were ordered, but it was found that the assembly must be ordered outside. "Some" were in charge and the time it takes to find out who, what and where is a time and energy thief of dimensions. Then it's better to find creative solutions, and it goes well, because the teaching profession is creative.

The public is a big customer in the private market. It is probably not certain that the public is perceived as a very important customer after the tender is won. When the item is delivered, the process of getting the item to work is often so time-consuming and so frustrating that the wisest thing is to leave things as they are. You have to prioritize a focus on what you really should have done. You tackle life with humour, stress management courses and duct. This obviously serves the private on, while the public is sitting again with svarteper: in public it works nothing anyway. Therefore, simply deliver desks that rumble from each other and blame the students for destroying them. It's so easy for Mr. Tidstyv to assert there are no computer solutions that have a lousy user interface. For Mr. Tidstyv, there are always teachers who are heavy nemme and doctors who have poor diction.

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