Knowledge workers on strike

I'm a teacher. I'm a knowledge worker. I support the strikers of knowledge workers at NRK.

Every day I stand at Gølvet in the knowledge society and work to make young people wiser. They should not just be critical and ask questions. It can all pretend that they are, even when they have no bearing. Students should also have knowledge and factual basis, and ability to analyze, interpret and understand.

NRK is an invaluable resource in my work. All students have access, it's local fabric, national fabric, international drug. Debate, documentary, Culture and entertainment. NRK Super Stock News for children. NRK P3 makes documentaries for youth. Quality which can be utilised in the classroom.

NRK is extremely important to the spiritual infrastructure of the society. Now it is fought about the wage and working conditions of all those who each day make the conditions conducive to an open and enlightened conversation, and thus promotes democracy, sannhetssøken and individual's free opinion formation.

Clearly those who keep this machinery in time are going to have good wages. "Throw peanuts, get monkeys" is something called.

And not least should they have good terms for professional development and updating so that experienced people are being and not replaced with the argument "we need someone who can something about all that new" – what we need is namely people with experience that is still up to date. Therefore, they strike for professional maintenance.

In addition, they strike for the tilkallingsvikarer-which is widely used-shall receive the same rate as the fixed. Especially in knowledge-based occupations we see the increased use of vikariater-it comes to NRK and the university sector.

The "Sermon WIP" is called it. or "loose workers". None of us are served by the fact that such system is being developed further because "it pays". Simply because it doesn't pay. If one primarily navigates towards the budget's bottom line, it goes to the bottom. In the long run, the quality of the content created is depleted.

We need experienced, up-to-date journalists who do not go to the Vicariate after Vicariate, and thus can be easily "harvested" by private media houses once they have gained experience in NRK. We need them to stay in the organization and develop NRK from within.

I'm a teacher. I'm a knowledge worker. I support the strikers of knowledge workers at NRK.

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