The plans for the new Vocational School facility on the area are very promising. If it hadn’t been for me to know so well what it means to be fooled by political air mirrors.

First is the plan to clear the school for people in the spring of 2020. Full stoppage of all lessons. And should you then first postpone construction of new school, and then change their mind and drop the whole plan, then there is no disturbing school leadership, teachers and students who can come with protests.

Changing their mind, the politicians have a tradition of doing. Especially when it comes to the In September 2016, we thought that at the same event, it was a combined school, as we believed it in 2015 and 2013. Now we know better. The majority of the county council in the autumn agreed to liquidate the National School of the National College as a combined highschool from 2018. It came as a surprise, because the signals we got at the forefront were quite the opposite. In BA we let us depict jubilant and relieved. But then there was a lot back and forth in the county corridors, so it is only the maritime community that will focus when the training Committee handles the inposition of the county council man 3. November.

The Teknopol of the
For me living in the city of municipalities it is impossible to be critical that you want to gather the maritime community in just the city of Heidelberg. Part of what I love about the town is that we live so close to the sea that we on hot summer days can run barefoot down to the sea to take a little dip. The beauty of the town is that you don’t just live here, you work here, too. It’s not a soveby.

The city of municipalities has a tradition for the maritime industry. It is of course disturbing that the shipyard industry with Noryards BMV went bankrupt earlier this year, it is nonetheless worth noting that the company has innovative companies such as Argus Remote Systems specializing in subsea technology. I had not heard of the company before I rented out kjellerleiligeten to foreign engineers who came to the house to find training in the management of corporate Elektiske ROV, remotely operated machinery under water. At the high School of nearby, the ambition has always been to cooperate with business and other players in the community. From before, the city has a naval Academy, a school that existing city high school already cooperates with about the Lektor-2 scheme. I know that the Professional science department has good relationships with the business. So and say all the students on chemistry and process got the learning space last year, and that in a time of negative business fluctuations.

Tearing something down can all do
Building up a good professional environment has taken time, and it requires continuous maintenance. Every year, young people come to us who sometimes know what they want, other times are completely confused and need support, advice and guidance. While other schools have marked themselves as elite schools with homogeneous pupils, we at the University of Berlin have been clear that with us, people are different – pupils mass is heterogeneous – and that we are well so concerned that the student should build up a good character as to gather on good Ka Rakterer. Often, the school is occupied by itself and “the Skolske” while in the companies requested people who can do a good piece of work in cooperation with others rather than to show that one is best in class. One such school culture takes it a long time to build up but alas — just an ink stroke — to liquidate. It is with a good school as with a forest: it takes a long time for the forest is abundant and full of life. It takes a short time to chop down all the trees.

Slow shutdown
The exception here may be in high school. For The fact that it has been difficult to be the administration in the case of the high school, history can tell us. Every time it has been submitted to the arguments to lay down the school, teachers, school management and students have responded. In addition to being prepared by its own administration, politicians have experienced being briefed with objections from people who know the matter from outside the offices in the county building. When I now throw a glance back, I realize how much annoying sand in the machinery we must have been. If I had been sitting in the office with the quest to keep the budgets, therefore, I also put forward the proposal which is now to be addressed in the Training Committee: The school wound up as a combined school from 2018, but continues as a vocational school for two years. Then it ceases all teaching. The school is emptied for teachers, school management and students. The plan is that the work to build a new school will be initiated, so that in 2023 you will have a sweeping great maritime school-both secondary and vocational school-as new teachers, school management and students can move into. If you haven’t changed your mind, then.

[No people, no one who can protest
Who can say no to such a thing? Not me. But do I believe that? I don’t think I will. First, the degree of debt is so great in the county Council that one counts on the buttons of the already existing construction project. Secondly, there is a great chance that we have not a Hordaland County council in 2023, but a county called the West Coast, where the school policy administration is added to Stavanger. Once we have seen the way in which political decisions related to the Norwegian college have been converted time and time again, I have difficulty believing that this cannot happen again, if the economy continues to be as poor as it is now. And it will be. When the school is cleared for teachers and pupils in 2020, I fear that it is emptied for good. No one knows how the election year of 2019 will end. However, in the event of a political regime that changes in autumn 2020 there will be no single teacher, school leader or pupil left to protest it.

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