-Out of the debate!

If you want something like "into school," you should get into school first. If not, it should be out of the debate.

The school debate needs a skill lift. Yesterday I was able to listen to NRK radio that LO leader Gerd Kristiansen was storfornøyd with conservatives Stefan Heggelund. He would like to have knowledge of the work life as part of social sciences in first grade at high school. I was not satisfied.

That's because I'm a teacher in social sciences for first grade in high school. That's why I also know the curriculum. It is divided into five parts, one of which is entitled "Work and Business".

Two of the competence objectives require students to:

  • Discussing ethical issues in the workplace
  • Make things for employee and employer organisations and their place of work and for factors that determine wage and working conditions

These are just two of the goals, there are five more. And if this isn't the knowledge of working life, and relevant to someone who goes summer patrol to LO, then I don't know.

The Heggelund calls for is that the following will be in the curriculum:

  • How long one can work in a day.
  • How long breaks are required in the course of one day.
  • What really stands in the contract.
  • What it means to sign on an employee contract.
  • How to deliver a tax return.
  • What's on a paycheck and why it's a good idea to save on it.


That politicians want to detail control the curriculum is no novelty, but there is now a time so that the plans are formulated such as they are because in the Norwegian society trying to have confidence in the teacher.  I guess it's not that easy. Trust does not show Heggelund here, but he does not have to know the community in school. For orientation: The section on labor and business has 7 competence objectives, in total the curriculum is 35 goals. The hour number for the subject is 84 hours. We divide the number of goals of the number of hours we get 2.4 hours per competence. That means that one can expect students to be through 16, 8 hours on the subject of labour and business.

Then the student will obviously learn what Stefan Heggelund Rams. But in my hours we are going to do more when the topic is employment and business. We are to reflect on the value of having a work and the characteristics of a good working environment, will make sense for causes of unemployment and discuss ways in which it can be reduced, we should assess the possibilities and challenges of establishing a business and extracting The main lines of a profit and loss statement, we will discuss the value of equality and the consequences of a kjønnsdelt job market and we will, of course, find information on various occupations and discuss opportunities and challenges in the labor market today.

All this, in addition to the fact that we will do things for the employee and employers and their place in the workplace, and make things for factors that determine wage and working conditions and of course-discuss ethical issues in Work life.

As a socialist teacher, I think there's too little time for all of this, but I'm not getting a ear for neither in Norwegian, nor the math teachers. Time is a scarce resource in Norwegian school. I don't reckon that Heggelund is going to suggest increasing the hour of the subject social sciences. After all, it's not a science.

By all means: it's terrific that Stefan Heggelund has been part of LO's summer patrol. It's great that he's getting the LO leader to cheer. But talk about turning into open doors to get a press release a summer's day. And talk about blunt journalists who just hang on, without thinking for themselves. NRK-Journalists David Vojislav crowberries and Bjørn Myklebust should this time have checked what the curriculum politician and LO-leader want to change actually contain. Then they might have been something more than a microphone tripod for someone who wanted to convey that happy message.

Of course, it is a novelty that the LO-leader is satisfied with a politician from the right. However, it is unfortunately no novelty that a politician gets it for herself that he will exercise politics by getting something "into school" without checking whether it is already there. If these journalists had delivered this in my journalist teaching, they had probably been told to resubmit the task.

The term "into school" must, unfortunately, be released. For after the time of the Louise selection, the wording has been set to "expire in the school".  We who work in school have far too long to hear that people with ambitions to get something to happen tell you that you and that must be "into school." There must be an end to that.


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