The road is long and FULL of dangers

The road is long and full of dangers. I'm going anyway.

There are so many countries that are stricken. There are so many more athletes and groupings than the ones we hear about. There are villages we will never know the name of, cities we will never know that exist. Being affected by terror. Violence. Oppression. War. of one or other cause. Where fear and terror grow. The hatred of people is nourished.

And here I am. I desire to cultivate kindness, kindness and empathy with mankind. Although I know that this is a work that takes a long time, requires a large amount of self-discipline and is easy to destroy.

I'm not doing it because I'm a naïve self-loathing educator who doesn't understand the reality and the gravity. I have friends who argue in those paths right now. But that's not why, my friends. I just don't believe that violence and hatred between humans leads to peace. I find really quite a few empirical evidence for just that. Show me where the harsh words and hateful accusations have been the way to go.

It's easy to ruin a good dialogue with hateful words. I have many a time seen and experienced this, in large and small. There should be no more than one hateful word to, and so it is experienced all that destroyed.

No, the way and Godhetsveien is no simple and quick shortcut. But where does the hatred and rage lead us? Does it take us where we want?

I don't think so. Sorry.

There are too many examples out there for me to go with that harsh words, hatred and rage is a rational choice.

Feel free to call me Godhetsposør.

Call me whatever you want, if that helps you. I can take it nice.

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